Beta test your app and squash all the bugs

Software is complicated. You're going to have bugs and issues no matter what, and you can't find them all yourself.

You need other people to review your app. You need fresh eyes to look it over.

Hire a beta testing panel from and we'll have 5 or more clever testers go over it and identify bugs, points of confusion, and areas where you can improve your app.

Don't launch a buggy app. Improve it before any real users touch it.

How beta testing works with

Step 1:
Submit your app

Let us know the URL of the site that you want us to test if it's a web app, or they can download your mobile app from an app store.

Step 2:
Ask questions

You can ask additional questions for the reviewers to answer after they finish trying your app, to learn more about what confused them or how it could be better for them.

Step 3:
Wait for feedback

We manually assign reviewers to your site, and it takes 24 to 48 hours for your feedback to start coming in, with all the feedback being in within 5 business days usually.

Step 4:
Get insights

Watch the videos and see suggestions on how to improve your app and learn what confuses people and what isn't working. Then improve your app based on your new inspiration!

Learn what's wrong with your app and improve it

Get 15+ minute videos of real people testing your app

Submit your web app or mobile app to our reviewers and learn:
• What's confusing about the flow
• How the app's design could be improved
• What they expected, or didn't expect, to happen with certain actions
• What bugs they find and what doesn't work right
• How to make it more likely for people to really use the app
• Why they would want to give up on your app entirely

Asking your users for feedback can be like pulling teeth. Skip that hassle and hire reviewers to show you how to improve your signup.

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Need to know what's buggy with your app?

Finding helpful people to beta test your app can be hard. Hiring reviewers to do so is way quicker and easier. It's rare that people just give helpful feedback on their own, so get to provide on-demand beta testers for your app.

Beta testing
Starting at...
5 reviewers for $199
10 reviewers
for $299
25 reviewers
for $699
15+ minute long videos
Reviewers give general feedback on your app, then try any specific task or answer any specific questions you ask
Have a variety of US based testers review your app
Tests are recorded and narrated
See what's confusing people
Find bugs in your app you didn't see before
Identify critical app issues
3 to 4 day turnaround

Submit your app to start your feedback

Give your URL and any additional instructions needed (optional) for your signup testing. Ask a few questions if you want, too. We've suggested some powerful questions, but you can edit them as you want.

Reviewers will use your app and work through it, recording their screen and narrating the process, then answer your questions.

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How does the pricing work?

Pricing starts at just $199 for 5 signup testers, but bigger packages are available.

Save 25% to 40% per reviewer when you order a larger package.

Need to specify users?

If you need specific people to test your site, just enter your demographic request in the order form.

For example, if you want only women age 25 to 35 to review a site, or something more specific like people who file their own taxes and are self employed.

We'll do our best to fill your request, and let you know if you've chosen something too specific.

Get bulk pricing with more reviewers
5 signup testers for
10 signup testers for
25 signup testers for
Money back if you're not satisfied
3 to 5 day turnaround

What does the feedback look like?

Reviewers record their screen as they talk about your site and answer your questions.

You'll get videos that are at least 15 minutes long from each reviewer.

See more examples
Testimonial from Karim

“This is golden. You have no idea how much appreciate the no-nonsense brutally honest feedback. The video is awe-some.  I’ve tried some other reviewing services, a few years ago actually, including ErliBird and they were really stating obvious things and mainly trying to be nice. Which… I don’t want to pay for because I can get nice feedback from showing projects to my mom.”

// Founder, Jibly
Testimonial from Bram

Dude, where do you get these people from? It’s amazing! I got a lot of feedback which made me think a lot about my course’s outline. Added a decent amount of new stuff to it.

// Founder, startup stash
Testimonial from Lisa

Extremely helpful, this is sooooo great, thank you. OMG, to hear it and see it in a video like this, is extremely valuable, much more than some survey result. It's so important to hear how - and where - we are confusing people. Amazing. Insightful.

// Niche Marketer
Testimonial from Jonathan saves us time in gathering user input from a targeted user-type. We're able to get quick feedback on our website copy from readers that are unfamiliar with our product - an important test on how effectively we communicate our value.

// Founder, Growsumo