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Using surveys to find concerns to address in your site's copy

Being a mind reader would be incredibly helpful when it comes time to write copy for a website. But I’m not a mind reader, and neither are you.

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14 Things That Will Help Visitors Trust Your Site and Increase Your Conversion

People focus on getting traffic to their website. But without conversion, traffic is pointless. Here are 14 easy ways to improve trust and conversion.

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Don’t count on a Product Hunt Launch to make your startup $10,000…. or $100

Product Hunt is the best way to show off your Startup. If you get to the top of the home page you’ll be sitting pretty, right? Probably not. We explain why.

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What’s more important to focus on for your website, traffic or conversion?

What’s more important for your website, traffic or conversion? We discuss the pros and cons of both. Find out which is better to focus on for you.

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A little revenue is worse than no revenue

If someone is willing to pay you for your service, you’re onto something. If no one will pay you, then you’ve got issues. But a little revenue is misleading. Read why.

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