Interested in getting more customer feedback?

Here are five methods to get more feedback from your customers.

Every single email that you send out to customers should allow replies, and you should go one step further and ask customers to reply if they have any questions or issues, or if they have an idea to make the service better for them.

A ton of sites and startups will have live chat, with real people manning them to answer questions. Instead of just being available to answer questions about the service, encourage users to report any bugs they see, and give all their feedback directly into the live chat box. By making it easy to report, they’re more likely to do it.

What do I mean by paid surveying? Tools where you can get an on-demand supply of people who will look at your site and give you feedback on what works, what confuses them, what prevents them from trusting your site, etc.

For written surveys, tools like
can let you choose a demographic (if desired), and ask them questions about their experience in order to get actionable feedback. After all the reviews are in, sit down and pour over all of it, and you’ll find ways to improve the site.

For video surveying, you’ll ask users to perform a task on your site while they record not just their screen but also their voice as they talk their way through the process. This lets you find sticking points and room for improvement on your site. Tools like
make this easy.

There are lots of tools that specialize in encouraging user feedback. Here are a couple examples…

runs on your site in lieu of a live chat box and gathers feedback from users.

is similar, a side tab on your site that encourages feedback on any part of your site, or the entire site, with a smiley face rating system and then more specific feedback.

The best time to get a ton of feedback and make major changes is BEFORE you launch.
lets you submit a pre-launch or beta version of your service and get feedback from beta testers. This process can help you refine before you launch, and may even keep you from building the wrong kind of service.

To learn more about tools for gathering feedback, check out
, which has a huge collection.